My longstanding back problems were helped enormously by 2 years of Pilates with Trish. When the inevitable happened and I needed major surgery on my lumber spine I was able to rehabilitate much more quickly because my body was in such great shape. I was back with Trish just 4 weeks after surgery and her skills enabled me to get back to work 1 month after that. I cannot thank her enough for the help and support she has given me throughout the time. The physio described me as a star pupil because I had great core strength and flexibility all thanks to Trish and Pilates!
— Carol
My partner and I recently joined Trish’s level 2 Pilates class, having already practiced Pilates with a number of other teachers. We are really enjoying the class and find Trish to be one of the best teachers we have had. She is highly professional, very friendly and encouraging. Each week there is something new to learn and we shall certainly continue to come along.
— Anna and Kevin
I approached my Pilates beginners’ class with some apprehension - would I be able to cope with a strange new “language”, would I be able to manage the “moves” ? In the event I need not have worried. Trish has a lovely manner combining an eminently professional approach with a gentle sense of humour. Her enthusiasm draws you into the world of Pilates with clear words of direction and encouragement. She aims to give the best to, and to get the best from, her students. She will never undermine your confidence and allows for a range of levels within her class regimes. Having completed Trish’s beginners class I am now a firm believer in the benefits of Pilates and regularly attend her classes twice a week. I recommend Trish as a thoroughly approachable and professional Pilates tutor.
— Tony Court
For four years now Trish has managed to provide just the right balance of challange and encouragement, and a good mix of old favourites and new things to try. My wife and I feel about five years younger, and a lot more flexible than when we started with her.
— Tom
Trish has been teaching me Pilates for about 4 years. She manages to be fun, challenging and supportive in her classes; as a result I feel I am constantly improving. I am more flexible, stronger and have a far better posture and balance than I used to. Thanks Trish, I’m looking forward to many more years of classes with you.
— Claire Long
Thanks Trish for changing my life. My 9 years of Pilates with you has improved my posture, strength and stamina. I really look forward to my calm and challenging weekly workout.
— Ron
can’t believe it’s been 9 years personal training with you. Pilates has become part of my life and It has been great to continue my Pilates throughout both of my pregnancies. You h ave been fantastic helping me to get back into shape, always making us feel welcome. Thanks Trish from all three of us of us.
— Sarah
You have made such a difference to my lifestyle, thank you Trish for many years of fitness training. After Pilates I always feel like I have had a good work out but finish in a calm and relaxed frame of mind ready for coffee and cake! Using your Reformer I have achieved far more in Pilates than I ever thought possible.
— Val